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RPC package has an RPC compiler (rpcgen) that automatically generates the client and server stubs.

RPC package uses XDR (eXternal Data Representation) to represent data sent between client and server stubs.

Remote Date Example

From Stevens Unix Networking book.

Running rpcgen msg.x generates msg.h, msg_clnt.c andmsge_svc.c. The header file is included with both client and server. The respective C source files are linked with client and server code.

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Sometimes your computer starts responding very slowly. It takes a lot of time to open any application. Even the MS explorer loads very slowly. It becomes difficult to work with ease.
You can speed up your computer using some simple tricks. Following steps can help you boost your computer greratly. Follow below steps on ypur system and feel the difference.
  1. Go to "Run"(press start button and R together) and type "%temp%" and press Enter. See the figure below. An MS explorer will open and you will find so many temporary files there. You can delete all those files. These files consumes your computer memory and slows down your computer. One must free this space very often.
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tzutill is a time zone utility in windows which can be used to set time zone of the computer form windows command prompt.
Go to your command prompt and type "tzutil /?"

C:\Users\shankar_bhagat>tzutil /?
Windows Time Zone Utility
    /? Displays usage information.
    /g Displays the current time zone ID.
    /s TimeZoneID[_dstoff]
      Sets the current time zone using the specified time zone ID.
       The _dstoff suffix disables Daylight Saving Time adjustments
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FTP is protocol used to send and receive files from an FTP server or a remote computer.
Using this tool, one can send , receive single or multiple files, can write or open to a local or remote file, create or delete a directory on a remote server/computer.

To establish an FTP connection to a remote computer or a FTP server we have to use below command in windows command prompt:
ftp ftpserver
The ftpserver here could  be ftp server to connect to or ip address of remote computer.This command prompts for a ... Read more »
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Difference between an Application Server and a Web server

1) Webserver serves pag ... Read more »

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If you want to upload any files on internet(web space) and want to access them from any where from the world, here is the solution.

Go to uploadingit.com and do a free sign and use this unlimited free space to upload any files of any size.
If you are having a website and you dont have enough space to keep files, this is the best way.

Using its file manager, you can host any amount of files, documents, MP3, videos, images and much more on this free web hosting site.
Then you can simply provide link on your website to download or access these files and save space of your website.

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There are so many service providers which allow users to create their website for free.
You can select any template for your website from thousands of freely available website templates.
They also provide Website builder from where you can design your website with ease. You dont have to be a website designer or html expert. A person knowing basics of html and javascript can design his/her website  very easily using their format.
For Eg.
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Suppose you are creating a game and you need a 3D object for your game.
For example, you need a 3D shooter man in your game. You can design any 3D object using Blender.
Here in this tutorial, you can design a 3D submarine and add animation also to it. For this you need Blender 3D software. You can download Blender 3D from here. You can also use 3DS MAX.
The pdf file contains step by step process to design a submarine.
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Suppose you have a website which is in desktop version and you are opening it in a mobile device. The website will not open correctly with the contents overlapping. The navugation can be difficult and the screen is very small. Also, all the features which were present with desktop version wont wotk in a mobile device when using the desktop version of the website.

The solution is to get a mobile version of your website.

There are several ways you can create mobile version of your site automatically with ease.


Turns your website into mobile version really fast with bMobilized. It offers the fast conversion with comprehensive customization as an option available for you to tune the design well.

bMobilized claims they support more than 13000 mobile devices, including all major brands. Also the more website ... Read more »
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