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[2014-02-19] [Open System-Linux]
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Shift Key is not working!! Mapping keyboard keys from one to another(0)

[2014-03-17] [Open System-Linux]
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AWK command for scanning and analysing a large file in Linux(2)

[2014-03-13] [Open System-Linux]
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crontab: A command in linux to automatically start/repeat a process at certian time and interval(0)


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[2024-03-27] [Technical Solution]
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How to discuss on Performance Appraisal with your manager? 10 Points to help you get a better hike(0)
[2022-07-24] [Technical Solution]
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How to handle Criticism at work? An Insight by Mark Goulston (Harvard's Business review article)(0)
[2016-08-03] [Technical Solution]
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BITSadmin : download/upload files from windows command line.(0)