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Learn to create a website from offline

HTML, CSS, JAVASCRIPT, AJAX, PHP,  ASP, JQuery and much more
Just download this file and read offline.
Socket programming in Java: Client Server communication
This program used the client-sever principle. The Server is up. The Client tries to login.
The server verifies the credential and respond "Login Successfull" if the credential correctly given. Get the entire code in the zip file here
Extract the zip file which contains the java code for both client and server.

Video tutorial to create a tabbed navigation menu using CSS and HTML.
This tutorial will help you to create a CSS tabbed navigation menu in dreamweaver.
After viewing this video tutorial, you will learn basics of web designing, css and html.
Download this video First Part Second Part
To watch this video click here First Part
Second Part



flipkart flipkart



RMI programming using JAVA

This example consists of the following files This part defines the RMI interface. The method (receiveMessage) of the server class, which implements this interface, is called from the remote client. In the remote client program, the type of the server class (which is the remote class in this client class) is this interface.
2. This is the server program(class). In this class, the method , which is called from the remote client, is defined. This class is the implementation of the RMI interface.
This is the client program(class). The remote method is called from this class.

You can find the code below

Refer this page for more clarification. RmiServer RmiInterface

For more information, please see this PDF

Wireless network technology and ATM(Asynchronous Transfer Mode)
Documents to learn

1.WI-FI Technology

2.Asynchronous Transfer Mode
ACN Slides
ACN Slides

Single Pass Clustering Technique (Code by Kongposh Sapru)
Suppose that we have the following set of documents and terms,
 and that we are interested in clustering the terms using the
 single pass method (note that the same method can be used 
to cluster the documents, but in that case, we would be using the document 
vectors (rows) rather than the term vector (columns).
      T1  T2   T3  T4  T5
Doc1  1   2    0   0   1
Doc2  3   1    2   3   0
Doc3  3   0    0   0   1
Doc4  2   1    0   3   0
Doc5  2   2    1   5   1
Get the code here. Code Zip
Please refer this page for more understanding.

Instant Chat Messanger in Java
A simple chat messenger developped in Java using socket programming. This applicaion is based on client server architecture. One server is always running to accept requests from several clients. Several clients can login using there credentials and the server IP address and port no. Only valid clients will be allowed to start start.
One can also start private chat that will be one to one and cant be seen by the server.
Get the souce code here.


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