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Hello all,
            I am Shankar Kumar Bhagat, a Senior Software Engineer, Infoscian(Senior System Engineer at Infosys, Linux expert in K-WOM) and Technical associate. The purpose of this website is to help aspiring students to learn and enhance their knowledge.
This website will provide all study materials for engineering and science candidates in the best possible manner. As I have been a student of Pune University and I know what all we have to read and search to become a skillful engineer. So, I want to reduce efforts of new engineering aspirants to achieve their goal.
The website reached to masses very soon after release. It achieved mor than 64000 impressions on google and 4000 and more clicks within a week. Out of 600 URLs submiited to major search engines(Google, Yahoo, Bing etc), more than 300 got indexed. We have more than 30 users registers with us currently. Visitors have acknowledged it very positively and are promoting me to service them better in future.
                            The website mainly focuses on providing you the best suited material that one must read in their engineering carrier. The package contains eBooks, pdfs, ppts word documents that we had actually studied during our B-Tech duration. Here one can get all the codes, assignments (with proper explaination for naives), tutorials and guides to enhance your knowledge and skills.
I wanted to write blogs and several others technical paragraphs that could be helpful for others. So, from my websites you can get technical solutions on any technical problems. In my Blog sections, there are two sub-sections(Tchnical solutions and Open system-Linux).
There, one can see several articles that are mostly visited and mostly asked. In addition to that, one can ask any technical questions in my FAQ section and we will provide the best possible solutions.
           Interesting thing is all these study materials can be found on internet but the peculiarity of content of this site is that they all very simple and easy to understand and created by me which can be easily understood.
                                                                                                                                        Here, we have tried our best to brief out the subjects in the curriculum and thus help all our juniors to get a handy help for all the subjects. The posts in the blog gives a brief idea about a subject mentioning the pattern of the subject, difficulty level, whether scoring or not and the best books to refer for a particular subject. We have also provided download links of all possible E-books for a particular subject. Hope our effort is encouraged by all of you. Please feel free to contact me on my email address : [email protected]  for any queries and required updates. We will try our best to solve your problem.
This was never possible without help of my friends. My special thanks to Tejesvi Roy, Niket Kumar, Jojo John , Piyu and so many other friends for their support and encouragements.
                                             Thank you...........
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 Regards ,
                                                Shankar Kumar Bhagat
                                                Administrator: http://www.shankarbhagat.com
                                                Age: 25 yrs

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