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Remote procedure call mechanism

RPC package has an RPC compiler (rpcgen) that automatically generates the client and server stubs.

RPC package uses XDR (eXternal Data Representation) to represent data sent between client and server stubs.

Remote Date Example

From Stevens Unix Networking book.

Running rpcgen msg.x generates msg.h, msg_clnt.c andmsge_svc.c. The header file is included with both client and server. The respective C source files are linked with client and server code.

Get all the file in this ZIP file

Compiling and running the program


msg.x msg_proc.c rprintmsg.c
Prompt>rpcgen msg.x Prompt>ls
msg.h msg_clnt.c msg_svc.c
msg.x msg_proc.c rprintmsg.c
Prompt>cc -o msg_server msg_proc.c msg_svc.c 

Prompt>cc -o rprintmsg rprintmsg.c msg_clnt. c


[1] 23501
Prompt>./rprintmsg shankar "Hello shankar"

Hello shankar!
Message delivered to shankar!


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