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Create an online megastore in your website by adding a shopping cart(eSHOP)

Most of us are fond of window shopping these days. We want to purchase books, mobiles, shoes, clotes, lenses or any other things by just few clicks online sitting at home.
All types of products or services can be ordered online and the product will be at your doorstep within one or two days.

This all concept is about an online megastore where where you can sell or buy your any kind of product and services.

Lets learn how to create an online shopping store at your website.

  • First step will be decide what you want to sell. Is it a tangible product or a file item. It can be services also. The products you want to sell can be totally yours or you can add the products/service from another vendors to your website.
  • Once you are ready with the products/service you want to sell online, you have to put them on your website. For this purpose, you need an eshop module or a shopping cart.
  • Shopping cart is a module which is used to add products to your site. You can integrathe it with you website for you visitors to buy items from there. Once the shopping cart is enaled and loaded with products, the visitors can explore your products, add to their wish list, add to cart and order later or purchase then and there very easily.
  • You can get a shopping cart easily from several shopping cart provider eg. paypal, ucoz etc either free or for very less amount (say $1.99).

Setting up eShop using uCOZ shopping kart ucoz eshop (Shpping cart provided by uCOZ)

1. Sign up with ucoz.com

2. Pay for eshop module to get shopping kart to your site

3. Add products to your eshop module

4. Setup payment accepting options to receive money from your buyers

ucoz shopping cart
  • Paypal provides a variety of shopping cart with some charges or for free also.
  • They are easy to setup and integrat with you website.
  • You can manage your products with ease.

  Shopping cart by Paypal

  • If you want to get a shopping cart for free completely, you can use this cart.
  • It works with paypal and google checkout payment options.
  • It is easy to install and use. No registration or payment required.
  • The visitors can be registered automatically with their email address also, on your site.
  • The visitors can track their orders using the mail sent to them or the order management section in the eshop module.

Setting up payment options to receive payments for your products:

1. Paypal

  • There are many ways you can accept payments for your products in eShop module
  • In India, Paypal is the best option to accept payments of any kind. to accept payment using paypal, you need to create a business account at paypal.
  • You need to add you bank account to paypal to receive payments to your account.
  • Once you add your bank account with paypal, they send two small deposits to your account. You have to return that small amounts to paypal to get verified.
  • Once you account status is verified, you can start accepting payment in your eshop module.
  • Paypal provides payments to be accepted using all types of bank cards.
  • Paypal has very low pricing scheme. It  charges 4.4% plus $0.30 per sale. It does not charge for creating account or there is no monthly fees. See the pricing scheme of paypal here.

2. 2checkout

Another is 2checkout.com which accepts payment globally. It accepts all types of credit/debit cards and paypal.


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