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During your appraisal discussion with your manager, it's important to cover various topics to ensure a comprehensive review of your performance and progress. Here are some key areas to discuss with my experiences:

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1. Accomplishments:

Highlight your key achievements and successes over the appraisal period. Discuss any significant projects you completed, goals you achieved, or challenges you overcame. Provide specific examples and quantify your accomplishments when possible.


2. Goals Review:

Review the goals you set in the previous appraisal period and discuss your progress toward achieving them. Identify any goals that were met or exceeded, as well as any goals that were ... Read more »

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There are only four types of people in this world. I have categorized people into 4 types based on their knowledge and competency. 


1. He knows that he knows

These are the people of supreme quality. They are best aware of their knowledge and skills and very well know how to use them.

They never face any problem as they use their information at right place and right time.

They can tackle any situation as they apply the right remedy at right time for any or all types of situations.

This class has the best decisive power which enables them to plan ahead for unforeseen circumstances.

This category focuses on its strength and exploits its knowl ... Read more »

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Dear readers we have an assignment to do where we have to print a pyramid of numbers.

The user can enter a number as input and for that number as as range the pyramid of numbers should be printed.


So if the user enters 5, the number pyramid should look like this:


number pyramid

So we are going to write a proram to generate this pyramid pattern.

Basically we are going to use FOR loop to achieve this.

I have include the full tutorial here to create this program

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So, you worked hard day and nights to develop the codes, assignments and project slides and what not.

And finally your boss shoots you down saying "You have not done well, the client is not happy at all ! Your performance is too week!!"


We all get criticized and pushed back at work in IT sector. And, the best part no matter how great job you have done, how many codes you have written, how many issues you have resolved, they all go unnoticed and if you make a very small silly mistake, that's where your lead and the entire hierarchy jumps into to make a speech..

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Unibasic programming provides two ways to run programs or commands. 

  • Command based (on TCL prompt)
  • Menu driven interface

With UniData MENUS, you can transform the UniData command line interface into a menu driven interface.

Menu driven option is a better option to run any command PROC or sentence in Unibasic.

The advantage of menu driven :

You can use a menu to support database security. For example, you can provide menus for users to access data entry programs and reports, while denying them access to the UniData prompt.

All menus are stored in MENUFILE , each UV account usually has a MENU ... Read more »

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Hello folks,

In this tutorial we shall earna basic stuff.


So we have a .pem file which is key file to login to a remove server. 

Usually this is needed when you create a remote server on Cloud  and you choose to login with a key pair.

Or you create a key pair, in that case you will be given a *.pem file.

So please follow below steps to generate private key and public key from this file.

  1. Download puttygen from here https://www.puttygen.com/
  2. Install puttygen and run puttygen.exe
  3. Once the page pops up like below
  4. ... Read more »
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System monitoring and administration tools

-Common monitoring tool CCMS(Computing Centre Management System) to monitor alerts of R/3 system from an one place.

-Server side scripting in ABAP and Javascript.

-Use of Business server pages to build online stores and portals.

-Database monitoring and administration utilities

-Resource management like memory,buffer,etc. SAP basis

-Authorization and profile management tools for user management.

-Internet access control to the system and business objects.

-Transfer modifications in screen,program,layout from the development to production system for accuracy purpose by Transport Management System.

-Client server architecture and configuration.

-Graphical User Interface designing for the presen ... Read more »
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Today, we shall talk about one of the most frequently used command in Linux.


The command is used to print last 10 lines of a file.

tail -f is used to print the last 10 lines plus it keeps on reading the file if a new data is added to the file.

tail -f can be used if a log is currently being updated. 

But then what is the use of tailf?

tailf is similar to tail -f except one difference that tailf does access the file if the file is not being updated or not growing.


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Hereby we shall try to understand a very basic program to send mail using python library smtplib

The smtplib in python defines a client object that can be used to send mail to any internet machine a SMTP listener daemon.


1. Create an SMTP object.

import smtplib


Note that host or port number are optional.

host: the server where SMTP is running. example: smtp.gmail.com

port number: the port number where SMTP server is listening.


... Read more »

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Hi Guys,

Today in this article we shall build up a small program to understand client -server communication using socket in Python.


Server side:

1. Create a socket:

socket(socket family, type(TCP/UDP), protocol)

-- Family or domain could be AF_INET or AF_UNIX

-- Type could be TCP: SOCK_STREAM or UDP : SOCK_DGRAM

-- Protocol is left bank, by default it is 0.


2. Bind socket

socket.bind(IPaddress, portNo)

-- bind the socket to a system's ip address and port ... Read more »

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