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Every person who gets fed up of the monotonous office life generally thinks of quitting his job to chase his dreams of entrepreneurship? It’s generally a quandary for the many young professionals who hold such aspirations. Weighing the pros and the cons of self-employment always seems as an endless process and letting go of that “guaranteed” salary is a tough decision for many aspiring entrepreneurs. The article below gives certain lessons which an aspiring entrepreneur must follow in order to make his business successful . LESSON ONE: Simple is always hard enough “Simple is hard enough” has become a go-to mantra anytime an entrepreneur gets to a fork in the road. Whenever an entrepreneur thinks of looking at a new product concept, his first thought should be to recall the mantra that “simple is hard enough”. Not only does the mantra help cut away the unnecessary fat, but it also helps to implore intelligent design and cuts cost. You should decide quickly what form of business you w ... Read more »
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Hi Linux lovers,


I am back with some cools tools from my box of Linux.

We all want that our work should be easy and fun and we always witness that many of the tasks are automated reducing manual efforts. We shall talk about some useful logic/ideas that will enable you ease your daily work in LINUX./UNIX/AIX environment.


1. Use as many aliases as you can

There are several command that we have to enters very very frequently. like going to certain folder, checking some process is running or not listing latest 10 files in a directory etc. so why to enter the entire command again and again?

Create custom and logical aliases for them. 

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  • Hello Guys, today we shall practice some commands that are frequently used to analyse the zipped and/or archived files in open system
  • These command can help you greatly to work with *.gz, *.zip, *.tar files . 
  • I have collected some examples from my work experience that can be helpful to dig into such files.

1. Just list out the files inside a ZIP

Below is the command that will show what are the files present inside the ZIP without actually unzipping them.

shanky@portal:[UAT]:>unzip -l TDS.HDGFF5163725.zip
Archive:  TDS.HDGFF
  Length      Date    Ti ... Read more »

Category: Open System-Linux | Views: 1235 | Added by: shanky | Date: 2016-12-25 | Comments (0)

Hello Linux/Unix lovers,

I never knew that find command can be so useful. I have collated some cool find command example which can always help you in your work stations.

I am sure you all know the format of find command.


find path criteria action


find . -name "*.log" -exec ls -l {} \;


1. Find all the log file inside a folder/subfolder and delete or archive them.

fi ... Read more »

Category: Open System-Linux | Views: 2094 | Added by: shanky | Date: 2016-12-11 | Comments (0)

Hi Guys,
Welcome back,

Being a consultant in DBS project I have witnessed many cased where the shell script that is copied or created may contain some special characters. This happens when the script is copied from windows system to AIX and the script was having extra spaces.

So, if the script is having such speciall characters, it might not get executed successfully throwing error as below:


Command not found: ^M


The solution is we have to find and remove all special characters like these from the script.

Here we shall practice a very simple way to do the same. 

1. Using command tr. ... Read more »

Category: Open System-Linux | Views: 1813 | Added by: shanky | Date: 2016-10-12 | Comments (0)

BITSADMIN version 3.0 [ 7.8.10586 ]
BITS (Background Intelligent Transfer Service
) administration utility.
(C) Copyright 2000-2006 Microsoft Corp.

BITSAdmin is a command line tool available in windows starting from windows xp till current versions. 

It is used to create download or upload jobs and monitor their progress.

It is deprecated and is not guaranteed to be available in future versions of Windows.

Administrative tools for the BITS service are now provided by BITS PowerShell cmdlets.


BITSADM ... Read more »

Category: Technical Solution | Views: 3242 | Added by: shanky | Date: 2016-08-03 | Comments (0)

Facter - Collect and display facts/information about the system like uptime, OS info, memory usage, PATH, processor, n/w etc.

       facter [-d|--debug] [-h|--help] [-p|--puppet] [-v|--version] [-y|--yaml] [-j|--json] [fact] [fact] [...]

       Collect  and  display  facts about the current system. The library behind Facter is easy to expand, making Facter an easy way to collect information about a system from within the shell or within Ruby.

puppet:  Load the Puppet libraries, thus allowing Facter to load Puppet specific (custom) facts

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Category: Open System-Linux | Views: 1394 | Added by: shanky | Date: 2016-05-24 | Comments (0)

We very often use the inbuilt variable $? in linux to check the status of last command used.

To find if the last command is correctly executed, we fire echo $? always. If it return 0, the command is successfully completed else some error occured while executing the command.

See below example.

shankys:~> date
Wed May 11 06:50:07 CEST 2016

shankys:~> echo $?

shankys:~> date 9
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Category: Open System-Linux | Views: 1386 | Added by: shanky | Date: 2016-05-11 | Comments (0)

AT command is used to schedule/run a command at a later time, 1 hour later, 2 mins from now, 1 week later or one month later.

       at [-V] [-q queue] [-f file] [-mldrbvt] TIME
       at -c job [job...]
       atq [-V] [-q queue]
       atrm [-V] job [job...]
       batch [-V] [-q queue] [-f file] [-mv] [TIME]

       at  and  batch read commands from standard input or a specified file which are to be executed at a later time, using /bin/sh.

atq     lists the user's pending jobs, unless the user ... Read more »

Category: Open System-Linux | Views: 1199 | Added by: shanky | Date: 2016-04-14 | Comments (0)

Hello Linuxmen

Today in tis article we shall learn cool command execution tricks in Linux/Unix.

Many times we have to run the same command or last command or any one command in recent history in our lovely Terminal/Putty. We press up button several times and search.

Lets try and implement some easier methods.

1. Execute the last command.

To execute last command we can simply press up button and press enter. Or We can use "!!" and press enter. This will do the same.

Prompt:~> date
Thu Mar 17 19:38:55 CET 2016

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Category: Open System-Linux | Views: 1265 | Added by: shanky | Date: 2016-03-17 | Comments (1)