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There are ONLY 4 types of people in the world - Human Mind. Which category do you belong?

There are only four types of people in this world. I have categorized people into 4 types based on their knowledge and competency. 


1. He knows that he knows

These are the people of supreme quality. They are best aware of their knowledge and skills and very well know how to use them.

They never face any problem as they use their information at right place and right time.

They can tackle any situation as they apply the right remedy at right time for any or all types of situations.

This class has the best decisive power which enables them to plan ahead for unforeseen circumstances.

This category focuses on its strength and exploits its knowledge and strength to tackle any situation. They make use of everything they have and everything they know in the best possible manner.

This enables and opens the doors for something they don't have and stuffs they cant do.

2. He know that he not knows

These are those people who are well aware that they are lacking some thing.

They accept that they don't have a particular kind of knowledge of information.

They do the best they can to achieve that knowledge and skill and improve their well being.

These people tend to accept their drawback and take it positively.

They try to overcome their disabilities and are always keen to improve for better.


3. He not knows that he knows

This category is for those poor people who unfortunately don't know what they are capable of doing.

They don't know their abilities and suffer in their lives miserably. Its like the person already has a mobile phone and running on road to call someone for an urgent situation.

People in this category can not use their knowledge and skills properly.

But given a proper guidance they can improve and better themselves.

They at least have learning attitude.

They usually repent as they cant make right decision as right time.  But they learn by their mistakes.


4. He not knows that he not knows

This is the worst category which no one should be a part of. People on this row don't even accept the lacking or shortcoming of their lives.

They live in denial.


They believe what they have is best and what they don't have they don't need it.

They are proud of their narrow thinking and shallow knowledge.

They are incapable of any change and they feel their life of failures and rejection is best.

If you try to educate such kind, they believe that that knowledge or proficiency is not at required for them.

Its like telling a frog who never came out of a well to swim in an ocean. They feel their mediocre and confined world is OK for them.


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