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Outlook is full!! Solutions??
  • Here in this article we shall go through some methods that can help in cleaning up outlook and creating memory for new mails.
  • Usually outlook gets full and we get alert saying "Inbox is full! Delete some items". In such situations, we always have to suffer because of less memory alocated to Outlook.

  • In your work stations you may only get a memory of 500 MB or less allocated for outlook. Its always a headache to cleanup outlook and create some space so that you could receive new mails.
  • Therefore, we can use below methods to handle this situation.

1. Create a local folder in outlook.

  • We can create a local folder/ Personal folder file (Outllok data file) in Outlook that uses the space of your system's hard disk.
  • So once you have created this, you can move all stuff of your inbox into this folder. Hence you can create space in outlook as this folder does not use outlook space rather it uses the local hard disk's space.
  • To enable this feature, Go to File menu-> Open Tab-> Click on Import.

outlook import export


  • In the Import export wizard, select "Export to a File" and click Next.

  • In Export to a file window, select "Outlook data file" and click next.

  • In "Select the folder to export from", select the folder.(Check/uncheck "Include subfolders").
  • Save exported file as: give it a name *.pst and click on Finish.
  • Once you have done this you will find a folder in you outlook folder list.
  • This is it! Now, you drag and drop any mails, files, folder to that local personal folder.

2. Enable auto archiv feature in Outlook.

  • You can select archiving option in outlook and make it happeed periodically.
  • To enable archiving, in Outlook 2010, go to File menu-->Info tab-> Click on Archive button under Mailbox cleanup section.

outlook archive

  • Here in the dialog window, select the folder to archive. Browse the archive file. Give it a name(*.pst).
  • Also you can specify the time older than which the files/folder should be archived.

Outlook archive 2

  • To enable auto-archiving in a certain period, go to File-> Options-> Advanced Tab.

auto-archive 3

  •  Click on AutoArchive Setting.

Enable auto archive

  • Here you can select a period to perform archiving operation.
  • Browse the archive file also.
  • So, now, it will start archiving your old items or deleted items as per given schedule and you can always have enough spcae in outlook.
  • If you find this article helpful, please share with others.

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