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Control your Samsung mobile remotely : lock, track, wipe data when lost

Hey guys, here we shall learn how to locate, track, lock or wipe your Samsung phone data remotely

This is very simple and you must enable this feature in your Samsung Mobile.

This feature is there in your phone in Location and security setting. You have to check that option:

samsung rc1

Allow phone to be locked, tracked, and data to be wiped remotely

Once you enable this option, it will ask you to login using your Samsung account.

samsung remote control

If you are having a Samsung account, you can login or else create a Samsung account here.

Once you have entered your Samsung account credential, remote control option is checked and you will get a popup saying "Go to www.samsungdive.com".

Visit this page on your computer and login using Samsung account. Actually when open this page, it will be redirected to https://findmymobile.samsung.com/login.do .

Once you are logged in you will get your registered device name listed at top left corner.

From this interface you can perform following operations. Your mobile must be connected to internet for this to work.

  • Ring your mobile:

You can make a call or just a ring to your phone to find it.

  • Lock your mobile

You can lock your phone to avoid its misuse. You need to put an unlock code eg. 1234. Also you can give one contact number that can be reached when the phone is locked remotely.

lock mobile

  • Locate or track your mobile:

You can check the current location of your mobile on map using this option and easily find your mobile.

  • Wipe/erase local or removable data when phone is lost:

You can delete/wipe all your phone data or removable chip data(external memory, sim cards)

  • See the picture below:

track mobilef

So, this very useful feature provided by Samsung to help you monitor and control you phone remotely.



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