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Simple steps to boost your computer.
Sometimes your computer starts responding very slowly. It takes a lot of time to open any application. Even the MS explorer loads very slowly. It becomes difficult to work with ease.
You can speed up your computer using some simple tricks. Following steps can help you boost your computer greratly. Follow below steps on ypur system and feel the difference.
  1. Go to "Run"(press start button and R together) and type "%temp%" and press Enter. See the figure below. An MS explorer will open and you will find so many temporary files there. You can delete all those files. These files consumes your computer memory and slows down your computer. One must free this space very often.
  2. Again on "Run" prompt, type "temp" and press Enter. You will again get many files in MS explorer. These are also temporary files. You should delete all such files often. These are all unnecessary files and if they are removed, it wont affect your computer at all.
  3. 3rdly go to "Run" and type "recent". Here also all recent files are logged. These files also can be deleted.
  4. Go to your recycle bin and check you need to restore any file. If not, empty the recycle bin.

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