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What is MSRA (Microsoft Remote Assistance) ? How to use it?

MSRA which stands for Microsoft Remote Assistance is available in all windows systems.

This is a very useful tool based on remote desktop protocol to assist a remote user or ask for help to a remote user whom you trust.

The MSRA tool is most frequently used in MNCs to resolve issues of the system users. The customer or employees of an enterprise can ask for any help using this tool. They can share their screen and give control of the system to the trusted user simultaneously to look into the problem and fix it.

One helper can open several windows to assist many remote users simultaneously but a user can ask for help from one only one helper. The requester for help may send request to many recipients out of them any one may connect.

Here, we will see how we can use MSRA tool for remote assistance.

Follow below steps to work with MSRA tool:

  1. Start the tool. Go to start menu and type msra.exe. Or go to command prompt and execute the command.


C:\Users\shankar_bhagat>msra /novice

You will get below window dialog. Here you can choose you want to help someone who needs help or you want to help someone.

Select the first option to ask for help to a remote trusted person.

  1. Now you will have to send an email invitation to the trusted helper. Select second option from below dialog to send an email invitation using outlook or other compatible program. You can select first option if you want to send the invitation as an attachment using a web-based email.
  1. When you send the email invitation you will get a pop-up like below. This is the connection password for the helper. Tell the helper this password as he/she will need it when he opens the invitation.
  1. Now at the helper end, the person will insert the password given by requester to connect to him.
  1. Once the helper enters the password, the requester will get below dialog. You need to select yes to allow connection with the helper. Also, the helper might need the control of your system. You can click on “Yes” to share control of your system with him/her.


  1. Once this is done, your desktop and/or system control is shared with the helper and he/she can control your system and fix the issues. You will get below window dialog which says that the helper is sharing your system.

This is it!! Now the trusted person can access your system and do whatever changes needed to fix your problems!


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