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Suppose you opened a file (eg. a binary file) in linux which is completely un-readable. There might be some useful words that you want to see. You can go for strings command.

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This article will get you acquainted with one of the most useful and frequent editor in Linux system. You can learn the basic commands to work with VI Editor.
 Inside Vi Editor, how we do the editing, saving, deleting etc.

  • To open a file with vi editor, use vi filename . If filename exists it will open in edit mode and if its not present, an blank page will open with file name at the bottom.
  • Now inside editor, there are three modes of working: ... Read more »
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The command is same like rcp but  can be used for large and faster file tran
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lwp-download command is used to fetch large files from the web

       lwp-download [-a] <url> [<local path>]

       The lwp-download program will save the file at url to a local file.If local path is not specified, then the current directory is assumed.
       If local path is a directory,

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Lets see an example of mapping keyboard from one to other
Suppose your Shift key or Enter key is not working, you can use this command line help in Linux to solve this problem.
You can map any keys to any other key.. If your Enter key is not working you can map it to right shift key or any other key.
For this purpose, you need to use two command lin
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Lets see some unique  and important commands in Linux operating system
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This command is used to copy files remotely from one machine to another.
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SCP is a program used to copy files between hosts on a network.  It uses ssh(1) for data transfer, and uses the same authentication and provides the same security as ssh(1).  Unlike rcp(1), scp will ask for passwords or passphrases if they are needed for authentication.

Any file name may contain a host and user specification to indicate that the file is to be copied to/from that host.  Copies between two remote hosts are permitted.


Format: &nbs
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To send a mail from linux terminal to any one, you need to follow below steps:

1. Create a directory Mail in "/home/username/Mail"

2. Enter the command "mutt". you will get a GUI in your linux terminal

3.Press "m". The the terminal will prompt you to enter "To" field.
Enter the recipient address, press Enter

4. The the terminal will prompt you to enter "Subject" field.
Enter the subject, press Enter

5. Now it will go the vi editor. Press "i" to go into insert mode.
Here, type the body of mail.
press escape to exit insert mode
press ":wq" to save and exit

6.Now you should see this screen

7. To put some one in CC, press "c" ... Read more »
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SSH - OpenSSH SSH client (remote login pr ... Read more »

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