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How to send a mail using unix/linux terminal?

To send a mail from linux terminal to any one, you need to follow below steps:

1. Create a directory Mail in "/home/username/Mail"

2. Enter the command "mutt". you will get a GUI in your linux terminal

3.Press "m". The the terminal will prompt you to enter "To" field.
Enter the recipient address, press Enter

4. The the terminal will prompt you to enter "Subject" field.
Enter the subject, press Enter

5. Now it will go the vi editor. Press "i" to go into insert mode.
Here, type the body of mail.
press escape to exit insert mode
press ":wq" to save and exit

6.Now you should see this screen

7. To put some one in CC, press "c" here and you will see this screen

8. Enter the CC field and press Enter.

9. At any time you need help, press "?" , you will get a full possible list of options

10.To attach a file press "a" then press a "?" to get the directory list to select a file.

11.By default you will be in your ~/Mail directory. To choose a file from there, press up/down and press Enter to select a file

12. To change the directory, press "c". Enter the directory you want.

Second Image

13.To select a file from that  directory, press up/down and press Enter.

Third Image

Attachment is done and you will see this sceen

Fourth image

14.Now press "y" to send the mail. The mail is sent.

Last Image

15. Press "q" to exit the mutt window. Done

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