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lwp-download: A command in linux to downlaod large files from internet

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lwp-download command is used to fetch large files from the web

       lwp-download [-a] <url> [<local path>]

       The lwp-download program will save the file at url to a local file.If local path is not specified, then the current directory is assumed.
       If local path is a directory, then the basename of the file to save is picked up from the Content-Disposition header or the URL of the response.  If the file already exists, then lwp-download will prompt before it overwrites and will fail if its standard input is not a terminal.  This form of invocation will also fail is no acceptable filename can be derived from the sources mentioned above.


 lwp-download http://www.shankarbhagat.com/favicon.ico

The above command will download the file "http://www.shankarbhagat.com/favicon.ico" to the folder where you executed this command.

lwp-download http://www.shankarbhagat.com/_ph/3/1/805900426.jpg /home/mint/rpc/

The above command will download the mentioned file in the path /home/mint/rpc/


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