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Soving Rubik's Cube First layer: Layered approach by Shanky

Hey guys,

In this artice we shall learn how to solve a 3X3 Rubics Cube using Layered approach. But before solving a rubics cube, you must know its basic concepts.

So if you have not seen the basics of Rubics Cube, Read this article.

So, Lets start fixing the puzzle using layered approach!

  1. Solving first layer
  2. Solving second layer
  3. Solving third layer

Solving the first layer (Top layer) of 3*3 Rubik's Cube

See the video tutorial for solving first layer of Rubik's Cube:

You can start with any color center piece.

It involves below stages:
1. Making a cross
In this tutorial, we shall start with blue color center piece.

blue cross
When you have just a center at the top or first layer, to get the cross, you have
to do as below:


  •  Find an edge having that color (Here its blue),

Eg. You are starting with blue color center piece, find an edge piece having blue color

  • Connect the adjacent color of blue to its center piece.
  • Bring the blue edge back to connect to the blue center at top

Once the adjacent color is connected to its center, connect the blue to the blue center

You have to do this for all for edges to get the blue cross. So the output should be as below:

solved cross

2.Fix cornrers

  • Once you got the cross, you have to get the corners to complete first layer.
  • To get the corners, you have to find the corner piece having blue color in 3rd layer i.e. bottom layer.
  • If the blue corners are not in 3rd layer, we have to get it in 3rd layer.
  • If the blue cross is at the top, the blue corner piece shud be in 3rd layer.

fixing corners
Get it at optimal position: put the blue corner piece betwenn the two centers(c1, c2)
c1 : one color of blue corner piece
c2 : other color of blue corner piece
Remember a corner piece is having 3 colors

Once the blue corner piece is at optimal position, make the blue face poiting towards you having blue cross at the top.

  • Get the corner at top:

1. Take the blue corner away, bring the top down
2. Take the corner back, bring it up.

  • Do the same for all 4 corner.
  • If you follow it correctly you will find  that the first layer is complete and you wind below output:

First layer complete


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