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How to create a mobile version of your website
Suppose you have a website which is in desktop version and you are opening it in a mobile device. The website will not open correctly with the contents overlapping. The navugation can be difficult and the screen is very small. Also, all the features which were present with desktop version wont wotk in a mobile device when using the desktop version of the website.

The solution is to get a mobile version of your website.

There are several ways you can create mobile version of your site automatically with ease.


Turns your website into mobile version really fast with bMobilized. It offers the fast conversion with comprehensive customization as an option available for you to tune the design well.

bMobilized claims they support more than 13000 mobile devices, including all major brands. Also the more website you host using their service the higher the discount you get. So if you have a network of websites that needs conversion, bMobilized is the perfect service for you! ($19.99/month)


In a hurry to create a mobile version of your website? Well, with only 3 very simple steps and 5 minutes at hand you can! Onbile supports smartphones like iPhone, Android, and Blackberry. The only disadvantage here will be its limited templates, but their templates are generally awesome! (Free)

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