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Background or history of bluetooth

Bluetooth was nickname of Danish king herald Blatand, who unified Denmark and Norway in 10th century.

 The concept behind Bluetooth was unifying the telecom and computing industries.

Bluetooth allows user to make ad hoc wireless connections between devices like mobile phones, desktop or notebook computers without any cable. The devices carrying Bluetooth-enabled chips can easily transfer data at a speed of 720 kbps within 50meters (150 feet) of a range or beyond  through walls, clothing or even luggage bags.

Bluetooth supports both point to point (unicast) and multicast(point to multi-point) connections. Bluetooth protocol uses the concept of master-slave protocol. The master and slave together form a piconet. Up to 7 slaves devices can be set to communicate with a master. This is called a piconet. Several piconet can be linked together to form a larger network in a ad hoc manner called Scatternet. A Scatternet is formed when a device from a piconet also acts as a member of another piconet. In this scheme the device being master in one piconet can be slave in other one. 


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