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Easiest way to file ITR(Income tax return) for free!!

There are several ways for filing ITR. But what I used and found the easilway is :

cleartax for ITR


Just follow below simlple steps and you can finish it in one hour:

clearTax for ITR

  • Upload your Form-16.

Form-16 is a PDF file which is usually provided by your employer. You can upload it to the vendor site. It may further ask you for password if the file is password protected. All your detailed will be fetched automatically. You will hardly need to fille any more information.

If you dont have form-16, you can manually add the entry. But then you will have to look into your income tax details and salary certificates and insert data manually.

  • Supply your personal Info

Ofcourse you need to provide your personal information like name, email, DOB etc.

  • Add other source incomes

You can add all other surce income also like properties, investments etc.

  • Add deductions

You can add as many deductions as you want.

  • Save and submit your eFile.

Save all your details and submit iusinf the submit buttons.

Once the eFile is submitted, you will get a success message and you will get an ITR-V file in return into your registered email Id.

  • Send back ITR-V file

Once you get the ITR-V pdf file, open it, verify it, sign it and sent it to income tax department main office via an ordinary post or speed post ONLY. The address is as below:

Income Tax Department - CPC,
Post Bag No – 1,
Electronic City Post Office,
Bangalore - 560100,


This is it! I dont know more about this. I used it and found it the coolest so shared it.

For more information you can visit the vendor site:



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