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Dear readers we have an assignment to do where we have to print a pyramid of numbers.

The user can enter a number as input and for that number as as range the pyramid of numbers should be printed.


So if the user enters 5, the number pyramid should look like this:



Blog » Programming Languages - 2022-08-05

Unibasic programming provides two ways to run programs or commands. 

  • Command based (on TCL prompt)
  • Menu driven interface

With UniData MENUS, you can transform the UniData command line interface into a menu driven interface.

Menu driven option is a b...

Blog » Programming Languages - 2022-07-09

...are stored in MENUFILE , each UV account usually has a MENUFILE created when the new UV Account is created. If MENUFILE is not present , you can ...
Blog » Programming Languages - 2022-07-09 19:05:59